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I) Functional analyses of knockout mutants with defects in plastid development
Funktionelle Analyse von Knockout-Mutanten mit chloroplastidären Defekten

II) Characterization of RNA/DNA binding proteins in vitro
Rekombinante Herstellung von ausgewählten Proteinen in Bakterien und Untersuchung der Bindung an RNA und DNA in vitro

III) Expression analysis under stress
Molekulare Analyse der Expression unter Stressbedingungen

IV) Proteomic analysis of transcription machinery under diverse stress condition
Proteom-Analyse des plastidären Transkriptionsapparates unter diversen Stressbedingungen


I) Quantitative and qualitative analysis of carbohydrates in phloem sap of Cucurbita maxima in dependence of diverse sampling sites.

II) Testing phloem mass flow and nutrient partitioning with fluorescent tracers. MAMP-triggered growth alteration in shoots and roots will be correlated to the nutrient distribution in Arabidopsis thaliana.

III) Resistance screening studies on Arabidopsis thaliana SEO knock out (KO) mutants and overexpressors (TCV, Pst and Go). The seo mutants and AtSEO overexpressors will be monitored for altered resistance to diverse microbes, including viral (Turnip Crincle Virus, TCV), bacterial (Pseudomonas syringae pv SP61 DC3000, Pst DC3000 pv 288), and fungal (Golovinomyces orontii, Go) pathogens.

IV) Visualization of sieve element occlusion by GFP-tagged SEO proteins in Arabidopis thaliana. The role of SEOs in MAMP-induced root-to-shoot signalling will be investigated.